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Pink Kush is an indica-susceptible hybrid strain known in the Pacific Northwest and Canada for its severe or disabling damage. The 24% ThC content in this strain should not be underestimated, as even those with an above-average tolerance report feeling strong and very intoxicating. Although the origin of this West Coast legend is unknown, it is widely believed to share the same DNA as the classic OG Kush, which demonstrates its therapeutic effects on the body and high relaxation. The Pink Kush is unique in that, despite being a hybrid with a dominant Indica, the tall plant still displays qualities of euphoria, giggles and inspiration that take away all stress and worry. Get ready for heavy and durable heights. After an instant brain slowdown, the Pink Kush tip transforms into calming and relaxing properties that are great for pain, headaches, insomnia and nausea. Pink Kush is a great breed for gas lovers – the scent and taste of this breed is paired with the heady undertones of gas and diesel with notes of sweet and pine.

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