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Bubble Hash is a cannabis concentrate made with ice water. Bubble hash is one of many different cannabis extracts. Usually dark brown, slightly dense. Bubble hash is made by extracting the structure that contains most of the active ingredients in marijuana.

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Buy Bubble Hash Online

Hash bubbles for sale
Bubble Hash is a natural cannabis concentrate made entirely of trichomes, which are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. It is a solvent-free concentrate – made without chemical solvents such as CO2 or ethanol – which is made through the use of ice and water to separate trichomes from other plant materials.

How to use bubble hashes?
Hash with bubbles can be used in different ways: in the vaporizer, in the bong, in the pipe and in the joint itself. Can be mixed with marijuana (with caution because of the THC content) or tobacco. Hash can also be mixed with oil to make edible cannabis, which is great for this pandemic season when smoking is discouraged.

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